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Whether you are researching Wedderburn, Weatherburn  or one of the many other variations of this name, there may be something here to help you.  Margaret Evans has been exploring and collecting records pertaining to this name for many years and has generously offered to let us begin to host her information on our website.  

The database below is the first step in that process and, over the coming months we will upload as much  as we can.  As this search does not use Soundex,  we have standardised first names, but will send the original spelling to you.    If there is anything of interest, contact us with the name and reference number, and the rest of the information will be sent to you.  It may be just a few words or there could be  extensive detail.  Where the information held may be still in copyright, we will tell you where to look to find out what you need to know, as clearly we cannot give the details in such cases.

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